Fire Alarm Siren Strobe KS-F96LD-87F Horn StrobePiezo Siren | Slim TypeSiren Generator | Lead Wire TypeFire horn with strobe KS-FS102Siren Alarm Parts | PCB Mount TypeSA-01 Site AlarmPersonal Alarm with Strobe
Fire Alarm Siren Strobe KS-F96
LD-87F Horn Strobe
Piezo Siren | Slim Type
Siren Generator | Lead Wire Type
Fire horn with strobe KS-FS102
Siren Alarm Parts | PCB Mount Type
SA-01 Site Alarm
Personal Alarm with Strobe

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Personal Alarm | Necklace Type
Personal security necklace alarm for the elderly. Lightweight and portable. This necklace alarm sounds whenever the wearer is in danger. Contact us to learn more about our products. These alarms are used as a necklace alarm or door protector and only require a pair of UM-5 batteries to make it functional. Loud decibel to notifying the carrier and fend off unwanted individual. Low power consumption. Lightweight, suitable for carrying or wearing on neck. Multiple colors available to choose from  
Overflow Alarm Detector | Water Leakage Type
We are a trusted supplier of water overflow alarms and water sensor alarms as well as replacement parts. Our high-quality products are made from the best materials and are suited for use in basements, swimming pools, water tanks, and other areas prone to floods.  Suitable for basement, wetland, swimming pool, ,water tank, areas prone to flood, etc. Economic, reliable, and sensitive for detecting water leakage or overflow Battery-operated Loud Decibel to alert overflowing Multiple tones to select from 
Outdoor Sounder Alarm
We are a trusted supplier of external alarm sirens, external sounders, and wireless burglar alarms. These alarms are usually placed on walls or ceilings to deter intruders. Our high-quality products are made from the best materials. Outdoor Sounder Alarm is a classic and modern intrusion and burglar alarm that can be placed on walls or ceilings.  Loud siren and strobe combined is guaranteed to alert homeowners of unwanted entry and deter intruders. Sturdy and durable casing made it possible to resist the day-to-day sun UV and rain.

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Key Security has been serving the international community in the field of fire alarm, siren, sounders, beacon for fire and security industries for over 40 years.

Founded in 1980, we have been a trusted partner from large corporations to local companies, ensuring quality products, wide selections, prompt delivery, and excellent service. Please visit our website for more information.


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